Why no Fireplace?

Some of you maybe wondering in a house this old why there is no fireplace. This to has eluded me for a long time. Because as I have looked around the house I have found almost no sign of radiators (except possibly in the library), no sign of a fireplace that may have been removed, […]

The Library on a Budget

If any of you know Sara and I, you will know we love to read. When we first started dating, when I was a mere pup of 14, we would have book dates. We would sit toe to toe on the couch and read for hours. Many parents would never leave their young teenagers alone […]

Post 1: Why did we do this?

Why did Sara and I decide to buy an old house? Are we gluttons for punishment? Yes. Are we masochists? No. Insane? Most Definitely. The truth is I have always loved old homes. No that’s not right. I adore Old homes. I think they are beautiful, regal, and offer so much more than what is […]