Picking and Searching for Treasures

I have a problem. No more like an addiction when it comes to shopping. It’s something I wish I could do everyday. Facebook marketplace, ebay, etsy, amazon, and auction sites are my kryptonite. Usually I’m looking for the perfect antique or something for the house or gifts for my family. Sara congratulates me every time […]

The Reality of the Situation

I realized that I haven’t really shown you guys a completed room in a while. My goal was to show you one completed room at a time. I would begin by showing you how the room might have looked at various time periods, then explain my way through the design process, show you progress photos […]

The types of Old Home Owners

I have found that there are many types of Historic Home Owners and that they usually fall into groups that often have to do with their approach to historic home restoration and preservation. I will say that there is no exact wrong way to go about a restoration aside from ripping out original features just […]

Week 4 of Quarantine

It has been a difficult two weeks for me. I think I was hoping for joy and laughter with Easter, then Sara’s Birthday, followed by the anniversary of the day we met. Instead I got confinement and frankly a bit of loneliness. I think isolation has gotten to me because I admit to feeling a […]

The Style of the 1890s

So I’m doing an architectural history lesson with a bit of social economics thrown in. If your bored by this then maybe skip this post but I think it’s important to understand the house. The Crow’s Nest was built in 1893, rather late in the Victorian age. The Victorian age being the reign of Queen […]

Stay at Home Week 2

This is the end of second week of the stay in place order and Sara has not killed me yet. You are probably as surprised as I am (what a test for the first year of marriage). I am working from home and thus some projects are getting done but at the same time other […]

Since we are stuck inside

So the Corona Virus is in full swing and we are stuck on the property. Sara is busy knitting a new blanket and I have about 10 million projects in need of work. It’s only day 2 of 18 and I’ve already checked some stuff off my list. I have written and photographed my weekly […]

Does this break Rule #11?

So Sara has a thing for ceiling fans in all the common spaces. Thus I’m unlikely to ever have historical lights in the living room. On top of this no crystal chandeliers are allowed in the house however I saw this and I thought does this break that rule or does it equal out In […]