Since we are stuck inside

So the Corona Virus is in full swing and we are stuck on the property. Sara is busy knitting a new blanket and I have about 10 million projects in need of work. It’s only day 2 of 18 and I’ve already checked some stuff off my list. I have written and photographed my weekly […]

The Library on a Budget

If any of you know Sara and I, you will know we love to read. When we first started dating, when I was a mere pup of 14, we would have book dates. We would sit toe to toe on the couch and read for hours. Many parents would never leave their young teenagers alone […]

Does this break Rule #11?

So Sara has a thing for ceiling fans in all the common spaces. Thus I’m unlikely to ever have historical lights in the living room. On top of this no crystal chandeliers are allowed in the house however I saw this and I thought does this break that rule or does it equal out In […]

A new Addition to the Crow Family

So Sara and I are not the only one’s who call the Crow’s Nest Home. When we were living in our trailer/tiny house we adopted our first kitten, Merlin. It was fun living in a tiny space with him…basically the who trailer was his junglejim. When we moved in the Crow’s Nest Merlin calmed down […]

The Things we Inherit

Before we even considered buying the Crow’s Nest, I already had plans for my dream home. If you ask Sara I have designed and redesigned our dream home at least 100 times in the almost 11 years we have been together. I designed our dream home as a Queen Anne, a Craftsman, Italianate, Tudor Revival […]

My love of Movie Sets

Full disclosure there are no photos of the Crow’s Nest in this post. Actually this post has nothing to do with home improvement or restoring old homes. Maybe I need a separate blog feed for this. However this is about designs that inspire me as I restore and renovate the Crow’s Nest. So this is […]

Historical Lighting

In 1893 when the Crow’s Nest was built there was no electrical lighting. But, also in 1893 Columbia Exhibition in Chicago (The First Worlds Fair) was lit by Nicola Tesla’s AC current and newly improved light bulbs. I wonder if the Mertes Family went to the fair? I hope they did because if I had […]


Before Sara and I officially moved in, we long ago decided that we had a list of things that had to be done before we moved in. Was it practical? Yes. Was it going to make life easier? Yes. Did it work in practice? Somewhat. Our list was fairly simple, such as fixing some of […]