A Garden Update

Really this post should have happened a couple of weeks ago but I often forget to post. When we bought the Crow’s Nest the side yard had this area blocked off where at one time the Jagers had a statue of some sort. We were told by our neighbors they had a statue of the […]

To New Beginnings

Dearest Readers, Spring has begun and I feel something is anew. It is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. A time for cleansing the soul and making plans for the happy future. I feel this is true for both myself, my family, the Crow’s Nest, and this blog. I should start by saying […]

Jewelry for the Ceiling!

So I went and picked up something at the local restore for $7. Any guesses? If you guessed a Crystal chandelier you would be wrong. Sara has made it very clear to me that I will not have a crystal chandelier. I still think one day I will get my way. But no, what I […]

The Front Door

I still remember walking into the front door of the Crow’s Nest the first time and seeing the original front door still in place. I knew we had something special right away. The house felt old yet maintained. It felt loved. It felt like an old friend coming back from a long trip. It sounds […]

Treading softly

Gosh it’s been a while. I’m sorry I took such a long break. There has been a lot of activity at the house but at the same time, not many of projects have gotten finished. As of right now its a matter of documenting what I have done as well as finishing the multitude of […]

The China Hutch

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. This is a post that was meant to go up this summer but never did. I thought of making this post as part of the finished dinning room post but I have come to realize something about myself and about my house. It will never be “finished”. The […]

The Window

This post is a bit of a throw back but still really important. When Sara and I were planning to get married I wanted to build something for the altar. Since we were getting married outside I felt like we needed an arbor or a backdrop that would make the day just a little more […]

For the First Time in Forever

We finally have air-conditioning! In all the years since the Crow’s Nest was built, it never had built in air-conditioning. We are so excited that we can now control the temperature of the house in the summer and I am so happy that I do not have to put in heavy window units all over […]