A Garden Update

Really this post should have happened a couple of weeks ago but I often forget to post.

When we bought the Crow’s Nest the side yard had this area blocked off where at one time the Jagers had a statue of some sort. We were told by our neighbors they had a statue of the Virgin Mary. This didn’t surprise us because when we first got the house they left many religious iconography around. So for over two years we had an empty space. Well not anymore….

I saw this book statue on Facebook market place for $60. I couldn’t believe my luck! Sara and I are big time readers and this felt perfect for us.

I love the little poems and puns. It’s the sort of sappy sweetness I find endearing.

However with this new find I am happy to say Sara and I are working on a master gardening plan after a lot of debate and a surprising loss. I will write more about that later.

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