To New Beginnings

Dearest Readers,

Spring has begun and I feel something is anew. It is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. A time for cleansing the soul and making plans for the happy future. I feel this is true for both myself, my family, the Crow’s Nest, and this blog.

I should start by saying these past few months have been difficult for me. In September I lost my job, and while this did give me time to work on the house while I was also job hunting, it has lost it’s luster as of late. At first I was able to finish many of the projects that were on our list. But, with very little income coming in it also meant that no new projects would start unless I had the materials already. Thus many things went on hold. I began to feel a certain helplessness and anxiety. Would I work as architect again? Would I be forever working odd jobs to keep us afloat? Would my dreams of the Crow’s Nest never come to fruition? Would this home be my uncompleted work like many architects, composers, and artists leave behind? Thoughts of gothic macabre stories of my ghost haunting these unfinished halls in seventy years occasionally crossed my mind. Dreams of new owners removing walls and painting the beautiful woodwork white as my unseen spirt screams like a banshee over the horror of the destruction of my hard work left me in a cold sweat. What a horrible afterlife to be imprisoned in my unfinished work of art.

Sara of course is rolling her eyes at me and telling me to stop watching Vincent Price movies. I am only 26 and this isn’t a dark melodrama. Though I think the Crow’s Nest needs a good ghost story. There is a light at the end of a tunnel and I am reminded of my grandmother’s words “this to shall pass.” I have now found a new job and with it the new desire to keep moving forward on the house and this blog. I want to grow my followers and share my experiences. Young people are buying old homes and if they were like me they are clueless as where to begin. This home will always be changing and growing as our lives change. Thus how I write this blog will change too. I have decided to share with you my master plans for the property and do my posts as I work and not when I finish. I know that these plans will change in some way but for now here it is.

So my master plan is this:

1: The dinning room is 95% finished. It just needs final decorating details and a small bar project.

2: The library needs crown molding. In a few years we will be replacing the existing pre-fab bookcases with real wooden ones. I also have a ceiling medallion I wish to use.

3: The Parlor/ living room ceiling needs to be painted. I am also scouting out new pictures and art. The goal is to do this over the summer. Eventually we will have it slightly traveled themed. Also I want to replace the ceiling fan.

4: The entry is going to have a new stained glass window and will also be repainted along with the upper hallway. We will also be adding picture rail or crown molding. I am also thinking of putting lincresta wainscoting in here as well.

5: The dressing room has been done. I will post that project soon. However in the next year or so we will begin transforming it into a walk in closet and bathroom. This will mean that half of the second floor will be renovated including the master bedroom.

6: We will be expanding the gardens and redesigning the yard. The previous owner Rita was a garden club member and had a massive garden, and we plan to expand upon her work. We plan on creating a series of gardens and structures. We will create a formal garden, a wildflower garden, a pumpkin patch, a vine archway, a wishing well grotto, and revitalizing the vegetable garden. I have already ordered some of the plants. The idea is that each year we will add something. This year we will be lining the property’s open border with trees and begin the formal garden plantings.

7: We will be adding on a mudroom onto the kitchen. I’m thinking this will be in 5 years.

8: Redoing the kitchen wing. This will mean removing the 1/2 bath and expanding the pantry and adding a coffee bar. We will reuse the old kitchen sink in the carriage house for the coffee bar. This will be done when we have the money.

9: We will add an addition onto the added on mudroom. This will be a master suite. This wont happen for like 15 years or more.

10: Solar panels on the roof of the carriage house.

11: The travel bedroom has been scraped. It is my studio and Sara’s lab. Eventually it will be the nursery. It will be getting closet doors and a new ceiling fan. That is all for now.

12: The main floor bath will be redone in something not so early 2000s.

13: Insulating the front porch so it is more livable in the off season. We will also install a new light and paint the walls and ceiling. The floors will be stripped, sanded, stained, and stenciled.

This is the for sure list of things.

Some bigger dream ideas I have:

  1. Dig out the crawlspaces under the library and kitchen to expand the basement.
  2. Find a way to finish and access the attic. I honestly think that you can see the river from the attic window. I will have to investigate to find out.
  3. Fix the carriage house foundation and insulate it. Also finish the hay loft and add a balcony and stairs.
  4. Buy the neighboring property that used to be part of our property. This would allow us to build a green house, guest house, and second garage.

Do any of you have ideas of what we should add to the list.

2 thoughts on “To New Beginnings

  1. You haven’t accessed the attic yet??? OOOOOoooo I hope you find some cool stuff up there!!! I love the ideas! Glad things are looking up!!

    (Hi Sara!!)


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