Jewelry for the Ceiling!

So I went and picked up something at the local restore for $7. Any guesses?

If you guessed a Crystal chandelier you would be wrong. Sara has made it very clear to me that I will not have a crystal chandelier. I still think one day I will get my way. But no, what I found is a ceiling medallion!

I haven’t exactly been looking for a ceiling medallion. You see when the house was built a ceiling medallion was usually plaster or occasionally carved wood or maybe a wallpapered/painted design. Our house does not have fancy plaster work and to be honest I have not seen that much fancy plaster work in our area. I’m guessing there were no plaster artisans in any of the surrounding towns. I am slightly envious of the homes that were built in thriving cities where craftsman and more luxurious goods were more available. One day I will have to do a post showing Sara’s Sister’s historic home which was built in a thriving historical district.

It should also be noted that according to the design books I’ve read and studied on late 19th century decor, the higher the ceiling the more elaborate the design should be. Plaster designs usually did not happen unless the ceilings were above 9 ft. Our home’s ceiling is 8’10”. So a plaster detail is unlikely.

If there was any sort of original ceiling medallion or ceiling design in this house it was either wall papered or stenciled on. It also would have only been in two rooms. The parlor/living room and the dinning room. These were the public rooms in the house for the guests, meant for showing off. The stenciled or wall papered design would have coordinated with the wallpaper on the walls. Alas we have no evidence what this would have looked like. The house was stripped of its many layers of wallpaper in the early 2000s and it is more likely to me that the 1890s wall paper was long gone before then. The ceilings in both these rooms are also wallpapered in embossed victorian designs that were put up by the Smiths in the early 2000s.

This is a mix of plaster and wallpaper. I sort of love this room. It’s very 1870s/1880s. This is a little high styled for our home but not far off.
Re-creation of a parlor ceiling
This is some amazing stencil work. Though this would be outrageous for our little farmhouse.

So why am I putting in a plaster like ceiling medallion when there was none here to begin with? Because I demand some fanciness and it looks cool. I am not sure where to put it though.

The library was the first place I thought of. However, after looking at in the space I realized it was to busy with all the collections and visual stimulation the room already has. The next thought was the dinning room or living room but it got lost in the wallpapered ceiling.

What do I do now? I’ve decided to do something a little foolish according to historical standards.

I am going to put it where it doesn’t belong. I am going to put it in the master bedroom. I also think I will paint it white. A little boring but I think it will make the space that much more special.

3 thoughts on “Jewelry for the Ceiling!

  1. It is a beautiful piece. I wouldn’t paint it. I think paint ruins some pieces. Show it in the rooms you were considering. I think it would be a beautiful accent.


  2. I think that would look beautiful in the dining room! You probably picked a place by now though. Do you have any progress photos????


  3. I’ve thought about putting it there. Currently we have a ceiling fan in the dinning room and it is not centered on the table. If I put it in there I want to move the light over a foot so it is centered. That means an electrician…


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