The China Hutch

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. This is a post that was meant to go up this summer but never did.

I thought of making this post as part of the finished dinning room post but I have come to realize something about myself and about my house. It will never be “finished”. The house will always need work or updating and it is silly for me to say a room is complete because there will always be something that needs to be done. So I’ve rethought how I do these posts, I will try to show the “finished project” but I think for simplicity a lot will be about the work in progress.

Let me begin by saying that unlike the library which came fully furnished thanks to the inherited pieces from my grandmother, the dinning room is rather a cobbled set of family heirlooms, pieces Sara and I bought together, and things I bought when I was studying in Rome. However we were missing something critical….a china hutch. Sara and I never registered for china or silver for our wedding because we inherited her grandmothers china and my great grandmothers silver. I now also inherited some of my grandmothers crystal collection. One day I want a china pantry to put platters and seasonal dishes in but, that is a long time away.This entire time though alot of these heirlooms sat in boxes and was never displayed or used. I am slightly delusional/optimistic that we will use these for special occasions and the holidays but we shall see what the future holds. I have only been to maybe 2 formal dinner parties maybe I need to change this.

For the longest time we had a bookshelf Sara brought from home that held barware, my tools, magazines, and boardgames. It wasn’t exactly what I pictured when I thought of a family friendly formal dinning room.

Than I saw this piece on facebook and stopped in my tracks. It was different, it was the right depth so it didn’t block the doorway, it wasn’t to tall that it competed with anything and it was only $25. I stopped in my tracks. $25. Surely that couldn’t be right. Yep, it was $25. It came home with me that day thanks to the help of my father in law.

Once I got it in place I began cleaning Sara’s Grandmother’s China and I organized my silver collection to bring you this.

I think I have enough Silver to kill a werewolf. Sara has band me from buying more.

One thought on “The China Hutch

  1. It is a beautiful cabinet, and look,s great there. You are right about the house never being done , you will always fine more things that you want to do. It just take,s a lot of time and money LOL. You did get a great buy.


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