The Reality of the Situation

I realized that I haven’t really shown you guys a completed room in a while. My goal was to show you one completed room at a time. I would begin by showing you how the room might have looked at various time periods, then explain my way through the design process, show you progress photos of the work, and lastly a grand final reveal. Yet I fear this is not meant to be.

Really all rooms in the house are a work in progress…. some more than others. I am years of not a decade away from completing some rooms (Ahem…Kitchen, Bathrooms, Carriage House/Guest Cottage). I think that reality is finally catching up to me. My problem is I see people who have these wonderful completed Victorian Homes that are spectacularly sublime, yet I forget that the owners have spent years restoring and renovating to get it to that level of greatness. I am only 25 and have been in the house less then a year. If I had about $175,000 and a team of Artists, Contractors, Electrician, Plumbers, and Carpenters maybe I could get done to my liking in 3 or 5 years. If only, I could win the lottery or inherit money from some distant relative I’ve never heard of. Yet my life despite it’s amazing chapters, is not a hallmark movie or sappy novel. Thus I must be realistic. I have decided to do rooms in parts/series because it will take me time to actually complete them.

So I thought which room should I do? My options are the Dinning Room, The 20’s room, or The Dressing Room. Any Ideas?

Time for a day of contemplation…

2 thoughts on “The Reality of the Situation

  1. Haste makes waste. Old saying. Allow time to relax along the way. The house will emerge as a wonderful home in the future. You have accomplished so much allready.
    So many people so proud of you and Sara.


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