Week 4 of Quarantine

It has been a week about keys.

It has been a difficult two weeks for me. I think I was hoping for joy and laughter with Easter, then Sara’s Birthday, followed by the anniversary of the day we met. Instead I got confinement and frankly a bit of loneliness. I think isolation has gotten to me because I admit to feeling a little depressed. It is one thing to talk online or on the phone then it is to talk and interact with an actual person. I find myself getting up early for work and falling asleep by 9 pm. I have not been productive, but rather sluggish. I pray for this quarantine to end. I pray for the families who have lost loved ones. I pray for the essential workers who are putting themselves at risk. I pray for the teachers who have to rework lessons to teach there students from afar. I pray for the students who didn’t get to go to prom, or have there spring musicals, and will not have a graduation. I pray that this all comes to an end and we find a new sort of normal, because I know that it will never be exactly the same again.

However after all my prayers I did get some things done. Some things that happened were good, while others did not work out. One thing that happened is the dryer broke so I have a repair man coming to look at it. Also my car won’t start….

The stenciling did not work out. I apparently need special brushes which I have ordered and I will retry again.
Sara got bored and knit me slippers. Since quarantine she has knitted a blanket or two, a couple Scarves, slippers for herself, tested a lot of patters, and made a cat rug.
Sara has also been dressing Merlin up. I think he is sick of quarantine too….

So before the last quarantine update we found a hutch for the living that someone was selling online because of a death in the family and we decided to get it. It was an awkward transaction due to social distancing but we did it. We knew the hutch needed cleaning. It probably hasn’t been cleaned in 10 years but what we didn’t realize was the smell. We didn’t realize till we got it home that the previous owner smoked. When we bought the hutch all the windows were open and there was a breeze so we didn’t smell it. I did some research and reached out to some experts and used krudcutter to remove the build up of nicotine and gunk. It worked great but took hours to do and required a toothbrush to really get in there. Unfortunately we can still smell cigarette smoke. I will have to work on this.

It was a long cleaning process.
So much better. I think the hutch is Edwardian. It has a strange Art Nouveau/Art deco/ craftsman style details that I can’t quiet place.
The one on the right has had some cleaning, the one on the left had had not been cleaned.
At first I thought the inlay work was a lighter wood but I figured out it was ivory covered in smoke residue.
This photo doesn’t do the inlay justice. I guess these are poppies?
All cleaned up and in its place.
So one of my hobbies is collecting skeleton keys. I think they are neat and useful because you never know when you pick up an old piece of furniture if a key will unlock it.
Fortunately I found a key to lock the cabinet but unfortunately it broke when I went to unlock it…I will now be ordering a replacement key so I can hopefully unlock the upper cabinet door. I just pray it works.
I found this key and wondered if it would work on anything around the house and guess what? It did!
It works in the library door! We can now lock this room! Amazing!
It also locks the the closet door under the stairs. Yay!!

One thought on “Week 4 of Quarantine

  1. Hi Josh and Sara, I’m a friend of your Aunt Suzie. My name is Liz. She told me about your blog. I am fascinated at all the beautiful things you have collected and refurbished. What a lot of hard work, but the results are stunning. I just started reading so I have a lot to catch up on. Good luck with your adventures! Liz


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