Stay at Home Week 2

This is the end of second week of the stay in place order and Sara has not killed me yet. You are probably as surprised as I am (what a test for the first year of marriage). I am working from home and thus some projects are getting done but at the same time other stuff is not. Sara and I have stuck close to home and are keeping away from everyone.

The front door got a little further. The shellac darkens over time and gets an alligator finish. I am removing it with denatured alcohol and steel wool. You are seeing the original finish underneath.
We found a use for the salvage corbels we picked in February. These went into the dinning room. Each of us picked a Roman/Greek god statue. I chose Diana goddess of the moon and the hunt. The Victorians were obsessed with the classical myths and architecture.
Sara chose the god Pan, he is associated with the wild, the forests, music, and Shepards. Yes he is part goat. I really think the early Christians used his likeness as a base for the modern devil with horns, hooves, and goatee.
Started stripping the porch floor. I have about 5 layers of paint to go through. It will be a process. I kinda love this blue paint. It reminds of haint blue paint which is seen in the American south. For those who don’t know, Haint blue was used to stop bad spirits from crossing over boundaries. Thus doorways and porch ceilings were often painted haint blue. I may reuse this color in the future (spoiler alert).
I picked out upholstery or the dinning room chairs. We chose the purple/grey one. I dropped some of the chairs off at my furniture doctor shop.
Started to stencil the travelers room. I’m going to need more gold paint.

I almost have the yard raked. There are so many leaves. I love our 100 year old oak trees but raking there leaves is driving me nuts

We have a gentleman coming to measure our windows from a safe social distance. Our stained glass window on the stairs was cracked when we bought the house so we are removing it and putting in a picture window. My mom will then repair the stained glass and remove it from its frame. We will then install the stained glass over the new window (or we reuse the window some place else). Thus we preserve the stained glass and make the house more energy efficient. All in all I say a somewhat productive week in this crazy world.

On another note, I strongly support and suggest everyone find a way to support your local tradesmen and local small businesses. They relay on customers and while I will follow the governor’s orders to social distance myself, I will try and help where I can.

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