Since we are stuck inside

So the Corona Virus is in full swing and we are stuck on the property. Sara is busy knitting a new blanket and I have about 10 million projects in need of work. It’s only day 2 of 18 and I’ve already checked some stuff off my list. I have written and photographed my weekly blog posts for the next month and started on others. I have made a game plan on what I am going to do for the next few weeks.

  1. Put the family Moto above the library door.
  2. Strip the old paint off of old door hardware.
  3. Remove shelac finish off the front door. It’s beyond cracked and you cannot see the detail anymore.
  4. Clean the gutters.
  5. Rake the front yard and remove debris.
  6. Install the ceiling fan in the travelers room.
  7. Install closet doors in the travelers room.
  8. organize the closets and basement.
  9. check about removing the paint on the floor on the front porch.
  10. stencil the travelers room. My custom stencil came in!
  11. Fix the chicken wire the basement so the cats can go down there.
  12. Clean the house.
  13. Look online for an antique China Hutch or bookcase that can store Sara’s grandmothers China. Surprisingly we don’t have one and if any of you know of any let me know.

Well I got some done today. Yay!

Found this hardware for the first floor bathroom. It’s not exact but pretty close to the others in the house, I don’t think anyone will notice but me.

Our family Moto! I had it made by a seller on Etsy.

The shellac came right off. I’m going to have to stain the door but it is going to look amazing!

The stencil for the travelers room. It is based off of the design in Miss Fisher’s Parlor in Miss. Fishers Murder Mysteries and it reminds me of a lotus which this area was famous for in the 1920s. I’m still trying to decide if I should just use paint directly on the stencil or trace and the fill in with paint.

Currently the old hinges for the door to the travelers room is in a crockpot boiling. And Aunt Suzy is returning soon to help with the travelers room. So all is going right in the world.

This beautiful cabinet was almost mine last week but unfortunately someone snapped it up before I could get to it….it will forever be known as the one that got away. It is amazing and dates to exactly when our house was built. I am still pissed at the seller because we had a handshake deal and then she sold it out from underneath me to a friend before I arrived…😡😡😡

Update: The hinges are done!

After!! I hope no one ever reprints these. I had to boil these in a crockpot with baking soda and dish soap then throw them into ice water to shock the paint off. Followed by using steel wool to take off the stubborn bits.

While all the crazy is going on outside. Sara and I will have our home begin to be put together.

2 thoughts on “Since we are stuck inside

  1. God has given you extra time to work on your house. The detail of your work is amazing. Stay home and well.


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