The Unglamorous Life of Owning an Old House

It has been a rough week. We had some issues with the plumbing this week and it got me thinking that I haven’t done a post on the unglamorous and more expensive side of fixing the Crow’s Nest. I have made it official that since moving into the house every two months something breaks. It’s usually not something little or inexpensive. It is something that costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars. So far its been updating the infrastructure of the home. Home ownership of an older home is not just mortgage payments and property taxes.

The first thing that needed updating was the electrical. While the house was rewired in the 90s with romex which isn’t the worst thing in the world we still had a lot of problems around the house. We had old outlets that no longer were connected to power, outlets that had there ground wires snipped off, exposed live wires, old fuses that needed updating, and much more. I had an electrician friend help us sort through all the problems and we fixed all these issues. Because of this I had to replaster parts of the library and other areas of the house.

A minor issue happened in August when the well sprung a leak and we almost flooded the basement. We luckily caught it early and it was luckily an easy fix.

The second thing happened after we came back from our honeymoon. The weather was getting colder and we turned on the furnace before we left and set it to low. When we came back we found the house very cold. The furnace had gone out. A repair man came out and found that the furnace was on its last limbs. Thus we replaced the old furnace with a new one and we will also be installing air-conditioning in the spring. This is our most costly thing to date.

Then in January we had the well break on us again. This time it got expensive. We replaced the pressure tank, the pump, piping and so much more. Thank goodness my dad was there to help us and we got it up and running but not before we blew through a lot more of the house improvement funds.

Dad saving our lives.

The old pressure tank had rusted through…

Now in March I was getting out of the shower and the handle to turn off the shower snapped off. A call to Sara’s Aunt Suzy since my dad was out of town and another call to a plumber friend and we had to replace the shower components and some piping. Another minor expense that ate up this months minor house improvement fund….on the bright side Aunt Suzy is going to repair the 3 broken windows in the carriage house and we managed to clean all the different vents in the house which were so bad they could have started a fire. I am slightly thankful that I already ordered items for other projects so I have something to look forward to in the future and thus have nice things to post about. (I’ve ordered 3 stencils; one for the travelers room, one for the front porch floor, and one for the library.)

Aunt Suzy helping us with Merlin as her assistant.

So gross…..

To make a long story short, houses of any age take work. Old houses do need more work but I keep telling myself its worth it. A lot of the time with old houses its not the pretty things that need help but the stuff that make a house livable that is in disrepair.

2 thoughts on “The Unglamorous Life of Owning an Old House

  1. Do not despair. There will always be something. Just take each thing as a learning experience and by the time you finish your home you will be an expert in home management. Stay cool you both are doing a super. Job with your remodeling.


  2. Aunt Suzy said you guys forgot to take a picture of the other vent horrible vent that was so horrible.

    Also, you forgot to mention “popping pimples”……

    Black mail!


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