A new Addition to the Crow Family

So Sara and I are not the only one’s who call the Crow’s Nest Home. When we were living in our trailer/tiny house we adopted our first kitten, Merlin. It was fun living in a tiny space with him…basically the whole trailer was his junglejim. When we moved in the Crow’s Nest Merlin calmed down drastically because he finally had space to run around. It helps when he now actually has to walk to use his litter box and to his food bowl.

Our first child Merlin.

However Merlin was still being destructive in some regards and was getting only child syndrome. Thus we got Merlin a sibling. Meet Sir Percival, or as Sara calls him Percy. Yes we went with knights of the round table theme. If we ever get a Dog we will probably name it Arthur or Lancelot.

Welcome to our family Percival…

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