My love of Movie Sets

Full disclosure there are no photos of the Crow’s Nest in this post. Actually this post has nothing to do with home improvement or restoring old homes. Maybe I need a separate blog feed for this. However this is about designs that inspire me as I restore and renovate the Crow’s Nest. So this is sorta like my blog Pinterest board and you can see some of my inspiration. I will be posting a real post soon.

As a child I remember watching TV shows/ Movies and oddeling over their amazing sets. They were big and glamorous and didn’t have things like cat trees, or internet routers, or everyday clutter that ruins the look home bloggers dream of achieving. To this day I often look at a well designed set and wish my house could look like that. Often I watch a show just to look at the amazing locations and set designs. So many tv and movie sets have inspired my design process. Sometimes I think I missed my calling and I should have gone into set design. After all I was a theater kid in High School. While I can not say anything that positive about my acting, dancing, or singing skills I can say something positive about these sets.

Practical Magic…

The Set Designer for Practical Magic Really created their own world when they created this set. What I also love about it is that there was an actual flow to the house and it wasn’t just some random rooms that didn’t match the outside of the home. It was done so classically that the rooms will never go out of fashion. To bad the entire house never existed in real life.

The Witches of East End…

What is it about Witches and old houses? Almost every show that involves magic or the supernatural has some old house it. While it only lasted two seasons the Beauchamp house was exactly the right mix of “generations” of a family staying in one house for a long time and taking and leaving things from there prospective eras behind. It was bohemian yet traditional.

Every object seems to have a story to tell.

I love the mix of old and new here. This room isn’t a time capsule but rather an ongoing story that has changed with the times.

Aunt Wendy’s Room was a bohemian moroccan fantasy. Aunt Wendy was a cool character, coincidently I to have a cool Aunt Wendy that I can totally picture hanging out here after a lay over.

Gone With the Wind

Seven Oaks was an antebellum dream come true. But in reality this place would never had existed in real life as a private home. The staircase is beyond massive. Actually, Margret Mitchell who wrote Gone With the Wind looked at the staircase and started laughing at its grand absurdity. While Scarlet wanted to marry Ashley because she couldn’t have him. I would want to marry him to live in that house if I was her.

The Vampire Diaries/ The Originals

So many great sets from two great shows set in the same universe. The Salvatore Boarding House brought some serious Dark Shadows Vibes (look it up, the 1960’s one not the 1990’s one). The house was the dynamic, dramatic, and romantic. It was the perfect backdrop to one of CW’s most successful series. On the other hand The Originals which took place in my second favorite city, New Orleans, was a beautiful crumbling ruin but had the glamor that the city knows so well.

The Salvator Boarding House was amazing. In real life it was Glen Ridge Hall. Unfortunately it was torn down. Such a shame.

The compound was amazing. I dream of a courtyard house. Think off all the parties I could have in the central courtyard….only in the summer because Chicago winters suck.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

This Australian Who-Done-It featured many historical interiors that were real and created. The sets were colorful, creative, and inspired me in some regards to my own home. I miss this series, luckily a movie will be coming out soon.

I love the sitting room. It inspired the travelers bedroom.

Little Women…

This was a favorite of my sister and my cousins when we were little. The March house was always warm and inviting but was still refined and elegant. A happy harmony of Victorian Decorum and a Family Home.

2 thoughts on “My love of Movie Sets

  1. Enjoyed every word. You write in such a way, it makes one feel like i am right there with you.


  2. The new Little Women was filmed on location near in the Boston environs. No sets. Great backgrounds.


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