The missing bits…

When we bought the Crow’s Nest it was in amazing shape but we are missing things. It is expected that things get replaced in a house this old. Styles and a personal needs change and thus the house changes with them. I understand this, I respect this, the house would not be here if things like electricity and plumbing were not added. But what I wish is that when a owner removed something from the house that they had put it in the carriage house or the attic or the basement.

So far I am missing.

  • The doors between the living room and dinning room. They left us parts of the hinges.
  • The original door hardware to the bathroom. On the bright side it left us with the original finish. The shellac they put over tends to darken and redden with time. (I have found the parts I will need. It will cost around $75 and a whole lot of time and patience.)
The existing hardware on the library doors…
  • The Skelton keys to all the doors.
  • The original lightning. This was a long shot but sometimes people are lucky.
  • The door to the travelers bedroom. I have a feeling there is a story behind this.
  • The lock and door knob to the dressing room.
  • The portier rods for the closets, Library, and Living room.

If any of the homes past owners are reading this and knows where any of these items are, please let me know. I am totally willing to buy these back for the house. Otherwise eBay maybe my best friend.

One thought on “The missing bits…

  1. I laugh at your wish previous owners had stored items you now are missing. I was so glad to haul to the curb from our 1950s home wrought iron partitions and 2 foot high brick planter next to the front door. The planter box was filled with soil and rimmed with wood. The partitions sat on planter and swiveled plus held up another smaller metal planter box on the top. I wanted no one to ever know it has even been part of the home. So ugly.


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