Tour Second Floor

The Second floor of the house is where some of our problems start. The Victorians had different lives than we have today. While the cost of cloth was decreasing in some reguard, the average middle class Victorian person maybe had 10 outfits to choose from if they were lucky. Therefor many homes had no or very small closets. Instead our victorian ancestors kept there clothes in trunks or dressers. Our house originally had 2 closets for 4 bedrooms. Luckily the previous owners (the Smiths) added closets in the bedrooms that were missing them. That being said it seems many of the previous owners muddled there way through when it came to our bedrooms. Door knobs and locks have gone missing, an entire door disappeared and a new one showed up, paint is splattered or caked on original wood work, and finally someone put a new engineered wood floor on top of the original hardwood floors. It is taking all my strength not to pull up the existing planks to see what condition the original floors are in. According the Schaefers, the wood floors were a little worn when they sold the house but, they had always been painted. Painting wood floors wasn’t uncommon when the house was built. Especially if you had wood floors that were not very desirable and it meant that you didn’t have to constantly refinish them, you just had to put a fresh coat of paint on them. If I ever do refinishing them, it will be a challenge.

Lets begin our tour.

Basically we have a center hall with a staircase on one end and a dead end on the other. Four bedrooms enter off of this main hall.

Bedroom 1. The Boys Room/ Dressing Room.

When we toured the house this was the boys room and it is narrow. It is 8’1″ wide so the only way to get a bed in here is to have it go the length of the room and jammed against a wall. For our current situation, we will make it a walk in closet and dressing room. In the future we may have other plans for this room. I am told that this was originally Richard Schaefer’s room.

Bedroom 2: The lime Room/ Travelers suite

The was the previous owners old daughters room. At some point the original door was replaced with this repurposed door with window. I honestly think this door was the original back door to the kitchen. I love the old hardware though. Paint and updating is needed as well as closet doors and a new light.

I don’t know what happened to the original wood door but I’m sure there is a story behind it. Maybe one of the Schaefer’s can tell me.

Only the Victorians would put designs on there hinges….I will have fun removing the layers of paint off of all the hardware.

Bedroom 3: The Lavender Room.

The lavender room

This was the younger girls room. I have no clue how they managed to have 4 little girls in here but they did. I don’t mind the color and this room is not a huge priority.

Bedroom 4: The Master.

The Master Bedroom

So the Master is in pretty good shape. The closet is the largest of the bunch and the room has two nice windows. The attic access is in this closet. Not many changes needed here besides switching out the ceiling fan. The Jaggers or the Smiths installed crown molding, which isn’t historically accurate but it is staying.

Now begins the fun part for me. Updating, restoring, refinishing various aspects of the house.

2 thoughts on “Tour Second Floor

  1. The floors look identical to the floors in my house. Haha.

    Is there still the vent in the floor of the lavender room? It went from that room to the ceiling in the dining room area.


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