Post 3: Another Rule…

First of all thank you to everyone for the great comments, likes, subscribing, and taking the time to look at my blog. I appreciate it.

This morning I realized I forgot a rule. It is another one of Sara’s rules, (sometimes her rules have meaning and purpose, other times I think she likes taking away some of my fun.) This rule takes away some of my fun and kinda goes with Rule #8. You know the rule that I can not make any of the rooms look like a Victorian Cat House/Brothel/Bordello. Basically it stops me from getting or buying things that are big, gold, velvet, gaudy, and in my opinion amazing… well here is the other thing I can not bring into the house.

Rule #11: No Crystal Chandeliers…..

Sara has a thing about Crystal Chandeliers. She hates the idea of cleaning them and how they collect dust and cobwebs. Sure I could clean it myself, but with the million other projects on my to do list, cleaning a crystal chandelier is not a priority. Sara and I both know who this job would fall too….So I respect my wife’s request and create Rule #11.

I should also add that the Crow’s Nest probably never had crystal chandeliers. The Mertes family would not have had the money for one. They probably had a simpler oil lamp chandelier with glass shades that was possibly ordered out of a Catalog or what could have been bought in McHenry.

RIP my dreams of innacurate historical greatness and what would have been many Phantom of the Opera references…..

On another note. I am trying to decide how to you show you the house as it existed when we first bought the house. Dummy me never took that many photos of the house completely empty. Do you want Option A: A photo tour from when we first toured the house. This has the previous owners things in it.


Option B. A Floor Plan of the house with a highlights tour of the house’s amazing features.

In the future each Room will have it’s own post or posts as I work on them with Before and After Pictures. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Please like and subscribe.

3 thoughts on “Post 3: Another Rule…

  1. Oh my how i love the chandeliers. Know it takes lot of work to make them shinny and bright. Guess i am with Sara. Betty Wertke


  2. Ashley I just posted a floor plan with some of my thoughts. The picture tour of when the Jaggers had it will be up soon. Then I plan on going room by room as we restore it with our misadventures along the way. Thank you for commenting.


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