Hi. I’m Joshua Crow. I’m an Aspiring Architect, Historian, Husband, Cat Dad, Procrastinator, Hoarder of Old Things, Lover of Big Shiny things, and Restoration Guru. This is my blog about restoring my 1893 Folk Victorian, The Crow’s Nest.

A Garden Update

Really this post should have happened a couple of weeks ago but I often forget to post. When we bought the Crow’s Nest the side yard had this area blocked off where at one time the Jagers had a statue of some sort. We were told by our neighbors they had a statue of the […]

To New Beginnings

Dearest Readers, Spring has begun and I feel something is anew. It is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. A time for cleansing the soul and making plans for the happy future. I feel this is true for both myself, my family, the Crow’s Nest, and this blog. I should start by saying […]

Jewelry for the Ceiling!

So I went and picked up something at the local restore for $7. Any guesses? If you guessed a Crystal chandelier you would be wrong. Sara has made it very clear to me that I will not have a crystal chandelier. I still think one day I will get my way. But no, what I […]