Hi. I’m Joshua Crow. I’m an Aspiring Architect, Historian, Husband, Cat Dad, Procrastinator, Hoarder of Old Things, Lover of Big Shiny things, and Restoration Guru. This is my blog about restoring my 1893 Folk Victorian, The Crow’s Nest.

The Carriage House Windows Part 1

The Carriage House/ Garage has been the long neglected sibling of the main house. However there is a plus side to this. The Carriage house held a few remnants of the past that previous owners have left for us. However one of the biggest issues we have currently is replacing the old windows on the […]

Treading softly

Gosh it’s been a while. I’m sorry I took such a long break. There has been a lot of activity at the house but at the same time, not many of projects have gotten finished. As of right now its a matter of documenting what I have done as well as finishing the multitude of […]

The Window

This post is a bit of a throw back but still really important. When Sara and I were planning to get married I wanted to build something for the altar. Since we were getting married outside I felt like we needed an arbor or a backdrop that would make the day just a little more […]